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Turf Type Fescue

Turf type fescue is a deep rooted turf grass with a deep green color from early spring to late fall. This is a drought tolerant and disease resistant turf grass that performs well in sun and shade.

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The benefit from turf type fescue’s deep root system is that it requires less frequent irrigations and once established, has more efficient utilization of storm and winter stored water.

Fescue has a coarser feel than bluegrass and is tough and wears well. The dynamics of a deep root system and improvements in breeding make turf type fescue a drought tolerant, disease resistant turf that has the ability to maintain green color year round.

Top Benefits

  • Great for Homes and Commercial Buildings
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Less Frequent Irrigations
  • Deep Rooting
  • Performs in sun and shade

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