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If your question is not answered below, please contact us directly.

Do You Sell to the Public?

Yes we do!

Can I Just Come and Pick up Sod?

We recommend calling before making the trip out here for pickups. We may be cutting for a large job, so calling ahead allows us to better serve you and provide a time frame for when your sod would be cut and ready for pickup.

Is the Sod Ready?
Our sod is cut fresh for each order so calling ahead is preferred.
Can You Buy Small Quantities of Sod (Less Than a Pallet)?

Yes, we can cut any amount of sod that is rounded to the nearest ten (i.e. 27 square feet would be rounded to 30 square feet).

How Do I Get There?

We are located on the West side of County Road 49.

If you are coming from the North West (Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland), the best way to get here is Highway 34 East until you get to County Road 49. Turn right (South) onto CR 49 and about 4-5 miles down the road we will be on the right side.
If you are coming from the East (Fort Morgan, Wiggins, Brush), take Highway 34 West to CR 49, turn left (South) at the stop light and take the road 4-5 miles down.
If you are coming from the Denver metro area, take Highway 76 East to the Kersey Road exit, at the exit turn left at the stop sign onto CR 49 (North), stay on it for about 15 miles and we will be on the left side.
If you are coming from the South West (Boulder, Longmont, Erie), take Highway 66 East to Highway 85, turn left onto Highway 85 (North) and take it for 8 miles to County Road 44. Turn right (East) onto CR 44 for another 8 miles until you get to CR 49. Turn left on CR 49 (North) for approximately 1.5 miles and we will be on the left side.

You should arrive where there are three buildings and a white house visible from the driveway.

Do You Have a Senior or Military Discount?

Unfortunately, we do not. We do give out discount cards at trade show events and if you give us a review on Google we will give you a 10% rebate off of your sod. To see when we will have a trade show event check our calendar.

Where Do You Deliver To?

We generally deliver to the Northern Colorado and Denver metro area, but we can deliver almost anywhere in the state if the customer is willing to be freight.

How Much Does Sod Cost?

Sod prices vary based on the amount of sod you’ll need. Give us a call or fill out our Quick Contact form for a quote on sod, delivery and installation.

How Long Until You Can Walk on the Grass After Installation?

Try to keep traffic on your lawn to a minimum until the grass has established. It should establish after 2-3 weeks after which you can walk on and mow your grass.

What Can I Do so My Dog’s Urine Doesn’t Ruin Our Grass?

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem. Try to increase the irrigation amount and/or frequency to help dilute salts that have accumulated in the soil. This may help still-living turf recover and will dilute salts in those areas where the turf has been killed. If the turf has been killed, the dead sod and some soil (0.5-1 inch of soil) can be removed. Re-sod the area with new grass.

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