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How to Prepare Soil

Step #1 “Clearing the Site”

You must first clear the ground of undesirable materials such as rocks, bricks, wood, glass, weeds, and any existing grasses. This also includes stumps, roots, or other debris larger than 2” in diameter. If the site does have existing turf, it must be completely uprooted.

Step #2 “Rough Grade”

You will want to grade entire area of newly planned lawn to eliminate unwanted low spots and potential drainage problems. This means sloping the grade away from foundations and window wells and filling any low spots that might hold water. Typically rough grading uncovers more undesirable material and should be removed.

Step #3 “Adding Soil Amendment & Tilling”

You are now ready to add your soil amendments. We recommend that a compost or soil amendment be applied at a rate of 3-5 cubic yards per 1,000 sq ft of the newly planned lawn. You will evenly spread your soil amendment over the intended planting site and rototill the product into your existing soil to a depth of 4-6”. This will help repair the nutrients in your soil and relieve compaction making it easier for roots to penetrate deeply and evenly. Deep roots make a lawn more drought resistant!! (Before tilling make sure to get appropriate utility locates and flag sprinkler heads to avoid unwanted damage)

Step #4 “Final Grade”

You can begin your final grade by dragging a small float in several directions until the soil is smooth and firm. You can make this float with a couple of 4×4’s, a small railroad tie, or a piece of chain link fence. If a float is not available you can use a landscape rake to groom the tilled soil until smooth and firm. The final grade should be 2 to 2 ½ inches below sidewalks, driveways, and sprinkler heads to produce a neat edge when the sod lies up against the concrete.

Pre-plant fertilizer

Pre-plant fertilizer is optional; it can assist in root growth maturity. We recommend using a low nitrogen mix and make sure it is applied lightly.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now ready to install your new lawn!!

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