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How Long Does Sod Take to Root?

Getting a new lawn can be very exciting as you watch your dirt turn to lush grass upon sod being installed. However, it is very important to wait for the sod to fully take root before you can enjoy it. But how long should you wait? Keep reading to find out how long sod takes to root and what you can do to promote healthy root growth.

How Long Does Sod Take to Root?

While grass sod typically develops into sturdy, healthy turf in a couple weeks, you may need to wait for up to six weeks for a full root system to develop. How quickly the sod takes root depends on many factors, including soil preparation, watering, equipment, and level of use. Take a look at our tips for each of these factors to ensure quick and healthy root growth.

laying down sod

Preparing Your Soil For Sod

Proper soil preparation is a key factor in your sod’s root health. We recommend starting with a fresh lawn by killing all weeds and other growth, as well as ensuring proper drainage of your yard with gradation. You can then stimulate root growth through laying compost, tilling, and fertilizing your lawn. Check out our step-by-step guide for how to best prepare soil for sod.

Sprinkler watering grass

Watering Your Sod

The amount of water your grass receives also promotes root growth. While it’s necessary to water daily to keep new sod from drying out, daily watering won’t promote deep root growth. So after the first week, reduce your watering schedule to every other day. Run your sprinklers longer on alternate-day watering schedules, which will allow water to penetrate deeper into the soil. Check out our guide to exactly how much water you should be using for your new sod.

Because your sod’s roots won’t have water immediately accessible in the upper layers of soil with your reduced watering, they will extend deeper into the earth in search of sustenance. This deep-root system is critical for long-term health of your turf, as it allows turf to survive longer stretches of drought.

metal hand lawn roller in yard

Using Equipment on Your Sod

To help ensure root contact and growth, you may opt to use a sod roller.Using a sod roller will speed up root growth for freshly laid sod. The roller’s weight helps compact the soil, pushing your sod’s roots into direct contact with the soil beneath them. A sod roller also eliminates tiny air pockets between sod and soil that can hinder root formation and create dry spots that can harm the turf.

new sod sign on lawn

Stay Off Your Sod While Roots are Growing

In the first two weeks that your sod grows roots, it is very important to stay off it as much as possible as this lessens the chances of a strong and deep root system establishing. When you have to walk on it, such as when laying sprinklers or mowing it on the seventh day after laying, walk as softly as possible. Any unnecessary contact with the sod can hinder root development.

Person installing sod

How Do You Know If Your Sod Has Taken Root?

Checking your root growth is a very simple process. All you need to do is lift a corner of your sod and check the resistance. If the sod comes up very easily, there is minimal to no root growth. If it is difficult to lift the sod or if there is a lot of resistance, then deep roots have been established. 

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