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How Long to Wait Before Mowing New Sod

We understand that getting new sod is exciting, and you can’t wait to make it perfect with a trim to your new lawn. But you’ll have to wait! In Colorado, 2 weeks is about the optimal time for how long to wait before mowing new sod, but why? Learn more about the reasons you need to wait 2 weeks before mowing as well as the best tips for your first mow.

Why Do I Have to Wait 2 Weeks Before Mowing New Sod?

Before you mow your turf, you need to ensure that your sod has taken root. If planted properly and watered correctly, most varieties of Colorado turfgrass take root in a couple weeks. Learn more about our tips to ensure quick and healthy root growth for your sod.

To check that your sod has taken root, simply lift a corner of your sod and check the resistance. If the sod comes up very easily, there is minimal to no root growth. Adversely, if it is difficult to lift the sod or if there is a lot of resistance, then the sod has established deep roots. When the turf fails to lift or slide, you’re clear to start your lawn mower. If not, keep watering and nurturing the root growth necessary for integration with topsoil.

How Do I Mow My New Sod?

Once you have established deep roots in your turf, it is time to mow. But where do you start? Unlike a grass lawn, there are extra steps you must take in order to ensure that your root connection is not compromised. Here are our top tips for the first time you mow your new sod to keep your sod as healthy as possible.

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Make Sure Your Grass is Dry

Mowing in wet conditions can compress the soil and interfere with further root development, so make sure that you have a dry, firm surface on which to mow.

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Make Sure You Have the Optimal Lawn Mower Settings

A sharp blade cuts the tops from the blades, where a dull one rips them off, providing additional and unnecessary stress to the turf, so make sure to hone mower’s blade before mowing. Check out our step-by-step guide to sharpening mower blades.

Mowing also creates suction that can yank roots away from the soil. Reduce the vacuum effect by lifting your blade to the highest setting for the initial mowing. You can gradually lower the blade on future mowings.

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Mow in the Same Direction Your Sod Was Laid

By mowing in the same direction that your sod was laid, you can reduce stress put on the roots, so opt for this during your first mow. In about a month, you can alternate the mowing patterns to go across the grain. But, in the beginning, it is critical to put the least amount of strain on the sod as possible.

By waiting the recommended time to mow your lawn and ensuring root health during your first mow, your actions will pay off with having a stronger, more resilient lawn.

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